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A Celebration of Life

Sharanjeet Kaur

September 28, 1992 – December 8, 2019

Thanks for joining us in honouring and remembering Sharanjeet.

Please join us in celebration of Sharan’s life. Help us keep her memory alive by helping women who are struggling with domestic violence in their lives. We have established a fund in her name, with 100% of all funds raised going to The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. The Clinic supports women, especially immigrant women, faced with domestic violence.


When Sharanjeet moved from Nurmahal, India to Toronto, Canada in 2016, she left behind her parents, siblings, cousins, and friends. She came to Canada in search of a better life and though it was a difficult decision for her, she remained close to her family and friends back home. Without fail, she called to talk to her parents every night.

“A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never apart…”

A favourited quote on Sharanjeet’s social media.

Sharanjeet was looking forward to her parents coming to visit her in Canada in 2020; she hadn’t seen them since she moved. She was worried about her mom staying warm in Toronto during the winter, and had been putting it off so she could provide them with the best visit possible. Before she passed she was also looking forward to going to her friend’s wedding and had spent a long time trying to find the perfect sari for the occasion. The sari that she decided on was crimson with gold accents – she would’ve looked beautiful in it.

We met Sharanjeet when she came to work at Evoke in 2018 – she joined the team as a front-end web developer. At first, she came off as quiet and reserved. After some time passed, she opened up and became an integral part of our lives both inside and outside of work. She was kind to everyone she met, and she always found the time to help anyone who needed it.

Sharanjeet’s death was especially tragic because it came when she was at such a turning point in her life. She had goals to further her education and was enrolled in an advanced web development course. She had many plans in her personal life, and was looking forward to exploring them. It is our wish, at Evoke, to use her memory to help support other women by protecting them from domestic violence.


Sharanjeet, my lovely sister was the best part of my life. I never thought that one day I will lose her. She was the backbone of our family. We all love and miss her too much. Now me and my sister miss her voice in the morning. She used to call us everyday in the morning time. When her phone rings in the morning, we all fight with each other to talk with her. Now we miss her in the morning and sometimes we cry. She was so caring and concerned that she always ask me how was my study going. She was very intelligent, kind hearted and soft spoken. The only reason behind her success was her hard work. She always encourage me and my sister to never give up and try our best. She was quiet and sober and used to extend helping hand  for the needy. She has plans to go higher and higher not for herself but for all of us. Her demise was shocking and tragic for the family. At last, I can only say, that, she is  always alive in our hearts, thoughts and souls. I sincerely wish and hope that we will fulfill her dreams and make her feel proud. She will be remembered till our last breath.

Navjot Singh, brother.

Sharan was Best part of my life. I never thought that one day I will lose her. She was the backbone of my family. We all love and miss her So much. Me and my Sister miss her voice in the morning. She was used to call us In the morning time and always Ask me how was my study going. When her phone rings in the morning we all fight with each other to talk with her. We miss her in the morning and Some time we cry. She was very intelligent and kind hearted. The only reason Behind Her success was her hard work. She always encourage me and my sister to never give up and try our best. At last I can only say that she is Always Alive in our heart, thoughts and I hope we will fulfill her dreams And make her feel proud.

Navu Bhandal

Sharan didi was my tuitions teacher she was very good person …she teach me math i have some notes from sharan didi when she was teach me in tution i miss her very much now i am master in computer application because of sharan didi i am very shocked for her death i love my sharan di nd miss her sooo much my favourite teacher

Amanjot kaur

Sharan was a warm and gentle person. Or at least I thought that until one day she called me out for a blunder I had made. She laughed right in my face, and I thought, “I guess I don’t know her as well as I thought!” She always laughed at even the worst jokes and was tenacious when solving problems. She was a terrific web developer and always put in the extra effort to make sure everything was perfect. We miss her very much. She left a very big hole on our little team.

Niilo Autio

Sharan was smart, sweet, caring, and kind. She didn’t love being teased, but she still played along. She used to wear this tee shirt with “changeable emotions” written on it. Every time I saw it I would make a different (read: terrible) joke about it. She wore it every two weeks, and started coming up with her own jokes before I could get one in! The world feels less warm with her being gone. I miss you, Sharan 🌻

Sarah Karsh

From the moment I started at Evoke, I realized that Sharan had one of those infectious smiles! A great person to work with and so talented at her job. Being an immigrant to this country myself, I can relate to how hard it is to start fresh in a big city. But it’s no surprise that she excelled at web development and made great work friends in the process. It’s not easy but she was strong enough to do it! I would have loved more time to work with Sharan. I think it would have been a lot of fun, and the dev team just seems a little less cool nowadays.

Darragh Fitzgerald

I came to know Sharan through working together. At work we formed a “Coffee Club” where Sharan, Sarah, Priyanka, Lucie, and I would go for a walk every day and talk about anything and everything together. We were always there for one another to support each other through the positive and negatives. I loved making Sharan laugh! She has the best smile and reactions. One of my favourite moments with Sharan was when she met my dog, Charlie! I had taken Charlie to work one day. Sharan was soooooooo scared at first but as the day progressed she would get closer and closer to him until at the end of the day she pet him and gave him a big hug! I was so happy that she had conquered her fear of dogs! I will treasure that day for the rest of my life!!! Sharan was the purest, nicest, beautiful and kind-hearted person I have ever met and will always remain that in my heart! Rest in peace Sharan!

Love you always,
Amanda and Charlie

Sharan was sweet, caring and kind. She was a happy person and I always felt happy around her. She was shy but still good at making friends. On her first day at work she asked me where I live and told me right away that we could travel back home together! We used to share coffee in half, she told me that too much coffee give her a headache. She was family oriented person, and used to talk about her family a lot. She worked really hard to achieve a good life in Canada and I witnessed her struggle. Her place will always be there in my life. I miss you Sharan ❤️

Priyanka Patel

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The Barbra Schlifer Clinic

To honour our friend we have created a fund in her honour that will support The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. The funds we raise will go directly to supporting the work of the Clinic.

The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic offers legal services and representation, trauma-informed counselling, and multilingual interpretation to diverse women who have experienced violence. The Clinic cultivates women’s skills and resilience by fostering their safety, dignity and equality and they amplify women’s voices to create individual and collective change. Through the building of local and global partnerships, the Clinic envisions a world where women live free from violence. They are committed to working alongside communities to create autonomy and self-determination for women, informed by their diverse experiences, needs, and choices.

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On behalf of Evoke Solutions, thank you for considering making a donation to the Barbra Schlifer Clinic.

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